Buiding home linux robot (1'st try)
- The Qwerk Bot

Hires pic here

I have always been amazed by robots and wanted to build one for myself. Then I found the QWERK hardware from Charmed labs on the web. This is a hardware built for education purpose sponsored by Google, Intel and many more And suddenly it was really easy getting going. I got one and played around with it. It runs a ARM9 cpu, and the control is from java apps.

My digital camera don't see IR so the IR spotlight on top to the right looks not on.

Below is taken with another ir-modified web cam, and that one can see the ir spotlight.

Some servo testing. Qwerk board connected using WiFi from the usb network card

Testing the camera. I got a cheep usb web cam and took it apart. Removed the IR filter on backside of lens so the camera could see on the infra red spectrum too. If you know what you are doing, most cams can be modified in this way.

Wheels just tejped on for test :)

Some model airplane wheel works perfect!

An old office chair wheel for on the back of the qwerk.

Aluminum wheel mount, and brass spacer.

Propulsion drive done!

Qwerk done, but IR spotlight missing.

See video of qwerk in 3gp format.

Close up of camera

Screen shots of testing at home: